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Content Request Form Update and Minor Bug Fixes


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Key features

  • The Content request form now includes an additional field, “Delivery Method,” with options for users to select “eText” or “DLT.”

  • All fields on the Content request form are now required to be completed before submission.

  • A footer has been added to the Content request form to guide users who are requiring help filling out the form to reach out to an institutional specific email address.

  • A minor visual bug on the Student Choice "Courses" view of the Order Tool has been fixed.


Oftentimes, it is unclear from reviewing a Content request whether an instructor would like the eText version of a title or the courseware alternative. Adding the field “Delivery Method” to the content request form removes this ambiguity. A link to the “Help” page with an explanation of “eText” and “DLT” materials has been added for any faculty or course coordinator who may not already know these concepts.

Previously, only the “Title” field was required to submit a content request. This led to incomplete content requests being submitted, often resulting in the wrong title being attached to an order. By requiring all fields on the content request form, we hope to reduce the number of incorrectly added content requests and increase the speed at which they can be updated by Unizin staff.

A footer has been added to the bottom of the content request form with a link to an institutional specific email address for any faculty who may need help filling out the form. For screenshot examples of this new footer, please refer to our Resources Site. Action Item: If you haven’t already, please inform Unizin Services of the email address you would like to be added here.

A visual bug displaying the word “Free” under a student’s digital course materials in the Courses view has been removed. This was appearing in the UI at the bottom of the screen for students that had not purchased any content through Unizin’s digital content program.

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