Copy and Paste

Copying & Pasting from Your eBook:

If your eBook has a copy/paste allowance, the process begins the same as highlighting! Click (or tap and hold your finger if you're using a touchscreen device), then drag over the words you'd like to copy.

In the task box that appears, click Copy Text.

Copying cannot be undone. To notify you, the eReader presents a preview of the text to confirm you'd like to go through with the process. Click copy when you're sure!


When you copy what you need from your ebook, you will see a success box in the bottom left-hand corner letting you know that the portion you copied is located on your clipboard.

Reviewing Copied Content and Learning How To Paste:

To find what you have copied to your clipboard, you’ll want to click on copied content.

Once you click on copied content, this window will open.

Click on one of the drop-down menus and you will see what has been copied from your ebook.

To paste, you’ll want to click the square in the top right-hand corner of the section that was copied from the book. Clicking that square will then let you (the user) know that the text has been

Go to your document or paper and then you'll be able to paste.

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