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The UCDM includes a number of entities to represent Social activities in a learning environment. These do not include social media activities. Rather, the entities refer to the pedagogical and learner activities driven by social communication, such as discussion forums.


The Social entities in the Unizin Common Data Model are as follows:

EntityDefinitionData dictionary documentation


An interchange of concepts or ideas between two or more actors in a structured manner with a defined topic.

Discussion entry

A response to a given Discussion, given by a single Person.


An interchange of concepts or ideas between two or more actors in an unstructured manner without a defined topic.

Conversation message

A discrete piece of information sent as part of a Conversation.

Participant session

A session in which Persons participate, such as a conference.

Participant session role

The role in which a Person acts in a given Participant session.

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

The following Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) represents the UCDM's Social entities and their relationships.

Academic structures ERD only

This diagram only represents entities in the Social section of the Unizin Common Data Model. Any relationships with entities outside of the Social section of the UCDM are not shown here.

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