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Last updated: August 27, 2019

This document is an amendment to Unizin's general Support Policy.

The information contained in this policy applies to Unizin Order Tool only.


Unizin provides regular reporting to Universities about content orders that are created, modified, or canceled. In aggregate, the reporting is called the Order Feed.

To the best of its ability, Unizin will provide institutions with a daily "order feed" such that any order that is created, modified, or canceled is reported to the University within 24 hours of the event. Each week, Unizin will generate an additional "full order feed" that captures all orders for a particular term. The "full order feed" can be used to true up the University's order records.

Periodically, Unizin will evolve the Order Feed to provide information to institutions relevant to the business processes supported by Unizin Order Tool. Unizin will provide all Institutions at least 1 month lead time to evolve its Order Feed processing before the changes are promoted to a staging environment. Unizin will provide at least 2 weeks of testing in a staging environment before promoting the changes to a production environment.

Maintenance windows

Unizin maintains a standing, weekly maintenance window for Order Tool. Unizin will not always use the maintenance window to run a maintenance action. The maintenance window is set for every Wednesday between 4 am and 6 am Central Time.

If maintenance is necessary beyond that scheduled time window, your institution's IT support team will be notified in advance.

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