Academic structures (ERD)

The UCDM includes a number of entities to represent Academic structures and concepts. These entities are typically administrative in nature and designed to enable high-level aggregation and institution-wide reporting of learning outcomes, activities, and other data.


The Academic structure entities in the Unizin Common Data Model are as follows:

Academic career

A grouping of academic programs for statistical purposes. An Academic career exists for each school/college by level of program offered. An Academic career is the parent to an Academic program

Academic program

An administrative area within the Institution to which the application is admitted and from which a student graduates.

Academic organization

An Academic organization is a School, Program, College, or Department responsible for delivering instruction. A particular Academic organization is always unique to a campus. However, Academic organizations across different campuses may share the same Organization Code. For example, there may exist a Department of Sociology at multiple campuses of a University system — each instance can be uniquely identified, but all may share the same academic organization code.

Academic major

A major area of study.

Academic major specialization

A program specialization in a major area of study.

Academic minor

A minor area of study.

Academic degree

An Academic degree that can be earned by a student at an institution.


The collection of departments, colleges, schools, and buildings that belong to a particular institution. All Universities have at least one campus. Some Universities are systems with multiple Campuses. These may include "virtual campuses" that represent online programs, which is common to many Unizin Members.


A building on an Academic campus in which instruction may take place.


The particular Room of a particular Facility at the Institution.

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

The following Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) represents the UCDM's Academic structure entities and their relationships.

Academic structures ERD only

This diagram only represents entities in the Academic structures section of the Unizin Common Data Model. Any relationships with entities outside of the Academic structures section of the UCDM are not shown here.

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