Best Practices for Republishing Course Content

Maintain Page Numbering

For the Alongside solution to work optimally, the republished content that you create for screen readers and other assistive technology must retain the exact page numbering from the original textbook. Keeping the page numbers allows students using screen readers to:

  • Follow the assignments given to them by their instructors

  • Access the notes that the instructor and other students have shared in Engage and match the notes up with the text in the republished document

  • Create notes in Engage on the correct pages

You may need to adjust the paper size of the pages in your republished document in order to retain the same page numbering, especially if textual descriptions of graphics have been added to the text.

Republish to a File that Allows Text to be Copied

The Alongside solution calls for students to copy text from the republished content and paste it in to a note in the Engage application. For the greatest level of usability, the republished content must allow users to select and copy text.

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