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Delivers a new “archive terms” feature that preserves historical data for each term as well as improvements to the Student Information System (SIS) and Order Feed integrations.


Information for each feature is included below.

NEW! Archive Terms. Previously, institutions were required to include data for all terms, current and historical, in the SIS feed. Now, historical terms are “archived” and no longer required as part of the SIS feed.

In order to “archive” historical terms, an end date for each term must be established for your institution. Our team, if they haven’t already done so, will be reaching out to work with you on this.

Student Information System (SIS) Version 2. New fields added to the integration feed in preparation for automating student opt-out/opt-in and entitlements for institutional invoicing. The following fields were added for each integration file:

  • Student Enrollment (CSV)*

    • is_waived_from_payment

    • is_waived_from_payment_reason

  • Section (CSV)**

    • student_choice_start_date

    • student_choice_end_date

    • is_orderable

    • is_provisionable

    • is_invoiceable

    • is_combined

    • parent_id

*For more information on the Student Enrollment integration file, please see the specifications here. **For more information on the Section integration file, please see the specifications here. Order Feed Version 2. New fields added and existing fields modified in the integration feed in order to better represent the current state of orders for a particular term. The following fields were added to the feed: order_item_type, cr_created, cr_title, cr_isbn, and cr_status.

Fields that were modified include “is_deleted” (which was changed to “order_is_deleted”) and multiple fields that are specific to catalog items, which now have “ci” appended to the name.

For more information on these changes, please see the specifications here.

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