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Key features

  • The analytics dashboard has been re-introduced to the Engage Bookshelf for Instructors to view.

    • It can be accessed when an instructor clicks the “View Analytics” button below any content item in the Engage Bookshelf.

  • The dashboard displays page reads of a book by students who are enrolled the section and provides the ability to view dates of page reads per student.

  • The dashboard allows instructors the ability to export page read data into a .csv file for all students who have read pages in a section or a specific student.

  • A collapsible “How To Use” collapsible has been added for convenience of use.


  • The former instructor analytics dashboard that was removed with the integration of the RedShelf eReader has been reintroduced with slight changes.

    • “Notes, Highlights, and Annotations” data has been removed.

    • The blue lines on the dashboard are now based off the earliest and furthest page read by any student in the section.

      • For example, if the earliest page read by a student in the section is page 1, and the furthest page any student has read is page 450, the dashboard will showcase all page reads between pages 1 and 450.

    • Hovering over any individual page read will give you the specific page number the read is on.

  • Page reads are counted when a student has spent time on a page for 10 seconds or longer.

    • The more time that has been spent on a page, the darker the blue line will appear.

  • Clicking on a student’s name will allow for a deeper dive into that student’s specific page reads.

    • This view will showcase the specific dates that certain page reads were recorded.

  • The “Export” button will allow instructors to download a full section for all students who have read pages or an individual student’s page reads.

    • Five new columns have been added to the export, demonstrating the page index of a page read. These are fields that are required for the export to function, but we do not expect instructors to use this data. We’ve separated these new columns from the rest in the export.

  • A “HOW TO USE” collapsible menu has been added to the top of the dashboard, describing the features of the dashboard and how to read the data displayed.

  • NOTE: The dashboard will only show page reads from the time of the tool's release. Unizin is unable to backfill the analytics dashboard data.

Please note:

While the updated analytics dashboard may look the same as the former, the events from RedShelf's ereader are shaped differently than events from the Engage ereader. The work we’ve done to accommodate this data opens the door to future improvements. Our Product team welcomes any feedback in regards to what may need to improve to make the dashboard more useful. Unizin also welcomes recommendations for contacts of power users that our Product team could schedule time with to review more extensive UX interviews.

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