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Delivers a historical entitlements import that backfills entitlements for purchases that students made outside of Order Tool.

For example, this import might be used to backfill entitlements for a learning tool that is new to an institution’s catalog. This ensures that students will not be charged again for a learning tool that they already have access to through a prior purchase.


The historical entitlements import is available for all Order Tool institutions. This import might be used to support the addition of a learning tool (e.g. Top Hat Classroom) to an institution’s catalog.

For example, if your institution is interested in adding Top Hat Classroom to your catalog, you might be interested in importing historical entitlements. These entitlements represent purchases that students made outside of Order Tool but allow them to access Top Hat Classroom for the lifetime of their enrollment. By importing historical entitlements, students will not be charged again for use of the learning tool in future courses where it is adopted. Order Tool will know that the student has entitlement and report it accordingly in the Final Declined Offers Feed.

To use this import, you must reach out to the Unizin team to discuss your use case. We will work with you to add catalog items and offers for the learning tool. We will also help determine the set of backfill offers that you need in order to import historical entitlements. Once the details are confirmed, the Unizin team will assist with the import.

Additional information on the historical entitlement import is available on the resources site.

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