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This release introduces a new feature: Order history. Faculty and course coordinators will now be able to browse a history of orders to which they have access. A user's Order history will be available perennially (not just within ordering periods). The intent of this feature is to support two kinds of workflows:

  1. User workflows related to ordering outside of an ordering period (e.g., checking on the status of a content request).

  2. User workflows related to past orders, such as repeating orders in a new term based on a previous term.

Broadly speaking, this feature is the first in a series that will enable self-service administration of an institution's digital content program served through Unizin. We are also introducing a number of user interface enhancements, such as a new Navigation menu, a new User menu, Breadcrumb navigation, and general user interface improvements.


  • Order History. New feature. Via a new user menu, faculty and coordinators will be able to access past orders they've placed or that they have permission to view. The view will allow filtering to quickly get to a particular order.

  • Navigation menu. Users can switch between Order Tool's Courses and Order History view via a new Navigation menu.

  • User menu. We've updated the dedicated user menu at the top right of Order Tool to enable users to identify their user Profile and, if they have access to multiple Profiles, to switch between them.

  • Breadcrumb navigation. In the ordering flow and when viewing an order receipt, users will now see a breadcrumb feature that lets them return to their original context.

  • Bug fixes. These include:

    • Student or role-less users will now properly see a "No Access" view if they attempt to load Order Tool. Until this fix, they saw a blank screen.

    • At single-campus institutions, we no longer present "default-campus" in the Courses view and the content ordering workflow. The label will be replaced by white space.

    • Users who attempt to refresh/reload the page in the middle of the ordering workflow will be asked to confirm their action knowing that they will lose progress in their order as a result.

  • Searchable ISBN and edition will now be part of the metadata presented about a title in the email confirmation.

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