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New features for Course coordinators and upgrades to the UI


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This release introduces new features for Course coordinators and major upgrades to the user interface. Users will now be able to create multiple orders per "course offering," edit orders, and more efficiently order content based on their role.


  • Course offerings are sets of related sections grouped together to enable users to efficiently order content for sections that require the same content. In Order Tool 1.4.1, Course offerings have changed a bit.

    • Instructors will continue to see Course offerings based on their role as an instructor of record for a set of sections. For example, an instructor will see grouped together all the sections of BIO 101 that they're teaching.

    • Course coordinators will now see Course offerings whose sections are grouped by Course subject and number for a particular Session regardless of the instructor. This enables Course coordinators to order the same content for many sections taught by different instructors.

  • Section type grouping. Course coordinators and instructors will now see the sections of a Course offering grouped by their section type. Users will still be able to select sections to put on an order regardless of their section type. The intent, however, is to make ordering for sections efficient given that different content will be needed for different section types.

  • Efficiency. Users will now select the sections to put on an order from the main Order Tool view. This reduces the number of steps a user needs to perform by a third, making the ordering process a bit simpler.

  • Multiple orders. Users will now be able to create multiple orders in a single Course offering. This enables distinct orders to be created for different kinds of sections.

  • Order editing. Course coordinators and instructors will now be able to edit orders. Order editing includes adding and removing sections, content items, and content requests to and from an order.

    • Instructors will only be able to edit orders that they have created.

    • Course coordinators will be able to edit any order they have the permission to view.

  • User interface improvements. Order Tool 1.4.1 features user interface improvements intended to make ordering easy to discover and intuitive.

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