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The Unizin Data Services and Solutions team (DSS) is pleased to announce the consortium-wide release of the new UDP training site! The site is restricted to institutional IP address approved listing, which should cover all or most institutional user access. Please submit a support request if you receive a 403 error when logging into the site, and we will work with you to adjust or expand the range of approved IP numbers.

Through this site, you will have an opportunity to explore at a high level the UDP, getting access and started with Google Big Query, and an in-depth understand of the the following use cases:

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  • Quiz Demographics Results

  • Course Events and Dwell Time

With the introduction of this site, there are now 3 main UDP training/learning resources:

  • Resources site - this site provides high-level, technical, and non-technical information about the UDP. This is a great place to start for a foundational, conceptual understanding of the UDP

  • UDP Docs Site - this site provides low-level, detailed documentation about the schema of all the tables in the UDP.

  • UDP Training Site - this site provides practical examples and how-to guides for using the UDP in the GCP prod environment.

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