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UCDM Addition of person_id as a Foreign Key in learner_activity_group_grade


Release Date

January 19, 2023

Key Features

This release introduced person_id as a foreign key in learner_activity_group_grade to the UCDM. Separately, an update to the manifest file V2 version was applied to allow for more flexible processing in batch ingest.


The UCDM entity table learner_activity_group_grade now includes person_id, which is cast from the user_id field via Canvas’ enrollment data. Adding person_id provides the ability to link a group grade to an individual student within a group. Documentation updates can be found on our UCDM data dictionary here.

The manifest file v2 version now supports “flexible” processing in the files section, listing files included in the dataset and their checksums. Prior, only lines with ( - ) dashes were supported in batch ingest for v2. Please note: this change does not apply to members using “V1” for their manifest files.

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