Navigating Your eBook

The eReader makes your online reading experience effortless through various navigation features. You can use them to skim, search, and jump around your eBook.

  • Scroll Bar

  • Sections

  • Page Numbers

  • Search Tool

  • Bookmarks

On the bottom of your eBook, a Scroll bar has been added to allow navigation through the book by simply dragging the cursor to your designated page.

When viewing your eBook, you’ll see one section of the text at a time. The sections are often broken into chapters, but it depends on the eBook’s formatting.

To view an entire section, scroll up and down with a mouse or arrow key.

There are a few ways to navigate between sections.

  • To move from one section to the next, select the left and right arrow icons found on the bottom left-hand corner. You can also use the Shift and Left/Right keys on your keyboard.

  • Select the Contents button (found in the upper right-hand corner). Next, select the section or sub-section you’d like to read.

To jump to a page, enter the number in the Page Search Bar in the bottom right-hand corner of the page and select Go.

If you need to find specific text in your eBook, select the Search icon in the top right-hand corner. Type in the term or phrase into the search bar that appears. The search results will generate, organized by section.

Select the arrow to view the term or phrase in the eBook’s content.


To add a bookmark to your current location in your eBook, select the bookmark icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

When you do, a blue bookmark appears to the right of the text to mark your location.

Want to delete your bookmark? Select the blue bookmark icon and select Remove Bookmark.

The eReader not only lets you create bookmarks but also organizes them for easy access.

To find all of your bookmarks, open the Contents Menu and select Bookmarks. Previews of the text from the bookmarked sections are organized by chapter. Skim your bookmarks by scrolling or pressing tab.

To jump to a bookmarked section, select the text in the bookmark preview.

Select the Trash Can icon to remove your bookmark.

The left tab in the Contents area is the Table of Contents. Each item in the Table of Contents is in an organized list with the page number on the left (if applicable), the name of the chapter and/or subchapter, and an accordion (if applicable) that can be expanded and collapsed to see the additional sub-chapters. Each chapter and subchapter is a clickable link to bring you to the start of that chapter or subchapter.

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