SIS Data Integration

The Unizin Order Tool requires data from your Student Information System to operate properly.

At present, Institutions are required to implement version 2.0 of our SIS Integration format.

Integration overview

The Unizin Order Tool SIS Integration is a dataset of CSV files, generated nightly, that contains the latest data of courses, sections, enrollments, and other important data. The files are pushed by Institutions to an FTP server. The following document describes the contents of the CSV files required. It also describes the integration mechanism and requirements.

Note: distinct data integrations are required for your production and user-acceptance testing environments.

File requirements

The following requirements apply to all the CSV files in a Unizin Order Tool integration.

  • Generated daily. Data that impacts ordering changes every day.

  • Full dumps, not deltas. We require you to effectively produce a snapshot (full dump) of the data integration every night.

  • Represent all data, even if optional. Not all data requested in an integration file is required. However, the Unizin Order Tool expects you to represent optional data you choose not to share with the string "null."

  • Headers. Your CSV files must have a header row on line 1. The tables below provide header names for each CSV file. Headers must be present for optional data.

  • Formatting. The CSV files for SIS data should adhere to the following formatting rules:

    • All files should be UTF-8 encoded

    • Terminate lines with a UTF-8 Unix style newline

    • If no value is required or available for a field, use the string "null" as the value, not a blank

    • The escape character is a backslash (\)

    • All values must be in double-quotes

    • All whitespace after the separator (,) will be imported. Avoid extraneous whitespace.

FTP Server integration

Unizin uses BrickFTP as an FTP server service for the Unizin Order Tool's data integration. You will receive two sets of credentials: one for your production environment integration, one for your user acceptance testing environment integration.

Connection details:

  • Port: 22

  • Username: as given, per environment

  • Password: as given, per environment

Named sub-folders to the user's root folder will already be defined for each credential:



Institutions place their data integration files in this folder.


Unizin places an Institution's daily and weekly order report in this folder.

Notes on an institution's SIS data integration (to /sis-data):

  • Overwrite the CSV data files if they happen to still be in the FTP folder.

  • Unizin Imports run at 8:00 AM UTC. Uploading as near that time as possible ensures up to date data.

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