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Last updated: September 23, 2020

This document is an amendment to Unizin's general Support Policy.

The information contained in this policy applies to Unizin Data Analysis, a program to enable institutional analysis and research of UDP-sourced learning data with RStudio, JupyterLab, and Google Cloud Platform tools.

Service level commitments

Unizin Data Analysis is intended to support research, analysis, and innovation. It is not intended to provide production-level infrastructure or services against which institutions can build their own production-services. While Unizin Data Analysis with GCP is a service offered to Unizin members, we do not attach service-level expectations to the service. Unizin reserves the right to manage any of the infrastructure operating in the Unizin Data Analysis GCP projects.


The following rules will be followed:

  • The institution's data stewards alone may approve individual access to a "data analysis" project

  • Unizin Data Analysis alone may grant individual must grant access to a "data analysis" project

  • Institutional administrators for an institution's "data analysis" must follow the above guidance

  • Institutional administrators must notify Unizin of any new users added to an institutional "data analysis" project

  • Institutional administrators must show evidence that any new individual granted access to a "data analysis" project is approved by a recognized data steward

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