Maintenance Release


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Key Features

This release was primarily focused on resolving issues that impacted a number of users.


Changes are as follows:

Instructor Uploads - Table of Contents

Materials uploaded from Instructors will now have a table of contents displayed. This functionality was impacted in a previous release but has been corrected. This change is retroactive: any materials that were uploaded previously will now show their ToC.

Instructor Uploads - Missing placeholders

When an instructor uploads material, a placeholder is included to show that the material is being rendered for display in Engage. That placeholder was not showing due to a recent release and the issue has been corrected.

Data Storage and Loading Optimization

The method used to store data in a user's browser has been modified to significantly reduce the size of the data stored. API calls for instructors have been optimized to decrease loading time.

Gravatars - Always load over HTTPS

An issue with loading Gravatars over HTTP caused some browsers to display a broken link image. Gravatars are now loaded over HTTPS and will display properly in all browsers.

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