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Tool URLs, Academic Session + Student Activity Score, LTI 2.0 Launches, Task Force Marts Favor LMS Course IDs


Release Date

April 5, 2024

Key Features

Tool URLs

Working with the University of Wisconsin revealed a set of tool URLs that we were not capturing in our mapping table mart_helper.tool_from_URL asdf. This helper table now maps more tool URLs from Caliper events into human-readable tool names for reporting.

Academc Isession + Student Activity Score

Now, in the presence of dates from academic_session, we favor week number calculations according to the academic_session. This makes week numbers align to the actual weeks of instruction. If a course is in an academic_session that is not the full length of the academic_term, we no longer try to calculate scores for weeks when instruction for the course does not apply.

In the absence of instruction dates from academic_session, we still favor the academic_term start and end dates. The academic_term logic is unchanged.

LTI 2.0 Launches Now Captured in mart_general.lti_tool

When an LTI 2.0 launch occurs in Canvas, the object.name field takes on a value of lti/tool_proxy. Previously, the mart_general.lti_tool mart was not checking for these types of LTI tool launches. Now the mart looks for object.name value of either lti/tool_proxy or context_external_tool. The total number of launches in the mart should now be greater than before this change.

Taskforce Level 1 Marts (assignments, specifically) now favor LMS Course IDs

The mart_helper.context__taskforce__level1_assignments_submissions table (and consequently the mart_taskforce.level1_aggregated mart) now favor the le_current_course_offering_id from the course_section table when resolving the "home" for assignments. This now handles the case of combining or merging courses on the LMS side without necessarily updating the relationship on the SIS side. Without favoring the le_current_course_offering_id, assignments and submissions attributed to students could be missing from the level1_aggregated mart.

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