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Student Choice Save Button Update


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Key features

The “Save” button on the “Courses” view is now locked to the bottom of the screen upon scrolling. A pop-up warning will appear when a user asserts changes on the Student Choice page that have not been saved.


  • In order to avoid confusion and ensure that Student Choice changes are not made without saving, when a student attempts to opt-out of digital materials, the save button will now be locked to the lower portion of the “Courses” view. This eliminates the requirement of scrolling to the bottom of the page to save changes.

  • To help ensure that students do not accidentally leave their changes unsaved, a pop-up warning has been added to the top of the screen when any changes on the page have not been saved.

  • In the “Courses” view, the hyperlink to the “Purchase History” view underneath “My Digital Course Materials” has been removed to reduce redundancies on the page and provide a more consistent user experience.

Known Issues

The pop-up warning will not appear when attempting to switch terms by using the Term selector with unsaved changes in the “Courses” view.

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