Another feature that works to help you access your material outside of the online version of our eReader is the Print function. While this button does not physically print off a chapter, it does convert a given section of the book to a PDF. This can be found in the Additional Options menu.

Once you click the “Print Pages to a PDF” button, it will take you to a secondary modal that will allow you to choose which pages you would like to print to a PDF.

Similarly to our Offline function, different publishers will only allow you to print certain percentages of their titles. There is a visual indication at the bottom of this page to show how much you are printing, and what remains of your print allowance.

Select the first page and the last page you would like added to the print queue and click Add. You can select more pages, or choose to include your notes and highlights to print alongside the printed material in the Print Queue.

When you are ready to print, click the Print to PDF button and a confirmation dialog will appear to confirm your decision. If you choose to continue, a toast notification will appear to let you know your progress and when the print is complete.

If you choose to cancel the print, the entire print job will be canceled. You can access previous print jobs in the Print History area.

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