Entitlements (Program Administrators)

As a program administrator, you may determine which students should not be billed for course materials based on whether the student has an existing and valid entitlement. In addition, you can view student purchase history to assist in answering billing questions from students regarding their purchases.

There are a few key concepts which relate to entitlements:

  • Entitlement. Proof of purchase. Entitlements are records established upon purchase of an offer by a student or on behalf of a student (i.e. payment waiver).

  • Offer. A title, associated with a particular term and section, that has a price and length of access. Students can accept or decline an offer.

  • Length of access. Determines the period of time students may access a digital course material once purchased. Length of access is specific to each offer of a digital course material and is defined by the publisher. All eText materials have a length of access equal to the duration of the student’s institutional enrollment. Length of access for Digital Learning Tools (DLTs) varies.

Review a student’s purchase history

As a Program administrator, you may review a student’s purchase history in Order Tool. In the “Purchase History” view for each student, you can see which digital course materials the student has purchased, the term they were purchased, and how long the student is entitled to access them. You can also see the cost of each course material and total savings for the student based on the purchase price (as compared to the print list price). Students may also view their purchase history.

In order to view a student’s purchase history, navigate to the “Students” tool. When you have identified the student you wish to review, click on the "view" link.

You'll be presented with the “Courses” and “Purchase History” options. Select “Purchase History” to review the student’s digital course material purchases.

Purchase History view:

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