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Allow Course Section and Course Offering LMS ids to be provided by SIS data


Release Date

March 24, 2022

Key Features

The UDP now supports batch ingest of an lms_ext_id value in the Course Section and Course Offering entities in the SIS 2.0 schema. Separately, in this release, an update was applied to the Google Cloud Storage path bucket folder naming convention.


Course Offering and Course Section may now include an lms_ext_id in the SIS data, overriding any mapping (or lack of mapping) between the SIS and LMS found in the LMS data. That is, any sis_ext_id value provided by an LMS record referenced by the new SIS lms_ext_id field will be ignored upon ingest. This feature was introduced to address an institution's unique provisioning process, but may also be seen as the first in Unizin's general effort to allow greater flexibility in source system contributions.

Separately, the Google Cloud storage path folders for the SIS data now allow the naming convention to be defined by institutions rather than a predetermined format. Folders no longer need to contain the date value or otherwise. The latest SIS data will always appear last, and any number of sub-folders may be used. No changes are necessary to an institution's existing naming convention of the storage folders. The current date format remains supported.

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