Canvas Live Events: from SQS to HTTPS

Canvas offers two methods of delivering streaming data (Live Events): SQS and HTTPS. All Unizin members today use the SQS delivery method. We are asking our members to shift to using the HTTPS method.

To conduct the change, your Canvas Admin will:

  1. Configure and activate an HTTPS data stream in Canvas that goes to the UDP

  2. Deactivate their existing SQS data stream in Canvas

Ideally, both actions are conducted immediately after the other and outside of business hours so as to minimize the event overlap or loss.

Configure and activate an HTTPS data stream

Broadly speaking, you will follow Instructure’s instructions for setting up HTTPS. You will need to set the following variables:



Whatever you wish.


Turned on.

Delivery method



PROD: https://caliper.<shortcode>

SIT: https://caliper.<shortcode>

Sign Payload


Message type

Caliper 1.1

Note: the <shortcode> value should be replaced with your institution’s primary domain name. For example, Oregon State’s shortcode is oregonstate, Ohio State’s shortcode is osu. Iowa’s shortcode is uiowa, etc. If in doubt, put the URL in the browser. You should see a response like this:

Endpoint response
{"caliperSupportedVersions": [""], "caliperSupportedExtensions": {"endpointVersion": "1.0.43+pib"}}

Also, make sure that all message subscriptions are turned on.

Deactivate your SQS data stream

In the Data services tool (under the Admin panel), identify your existing SQS-based datastream. Under the “actions” menu for the data stream, select “deactivate.”

That’s it, you’re done!

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