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Release Date

October 12, 2023

Key features

Delivers a number of enhancements for users using adaptive technologies based on a set of findings by Miami University of Ohio.


Connection menu – live region issue. The connection menu's label is now properly announced. User menu. The aria-label for the user menu was not on an element that receives focus. This is now fixed. Search button receives keyboard focus when hidden. The “search” region expands to an edit field and magnifying glass button when expanded. If nothing is entered into the field, the next keyboard tab key press takes you to the magnifying glass, but the region reverts to the “search” text laid over it. Fix: the magnifying class is now hidden from AT users. User menu navigation issue. When tabbing through the user menu to an element, the arrow keys stopped working and the user could not get to the help page. This is now fixed. Missing labels for page number in the search fields. They now have an aria-label element. Color contrast issue on pagination controls. The pagination controls were grey on white, causing a color contrast issue. The contrast now passes 1.4.11. Tablist for chapters/bookmarks has bad tab markup. In the reader, bookmarks and chapters can be accessed via one of two tabs. We've now removed the tab/tablist markup on the UL (unordered list) to define the two tables. Print button cannot receive focus. The button is now part of the tab order and can be focused. Legend not recognized. In the All notes view, students can filter students' shared notes by student. The students are listed in a fieldset and, while there is a legend, ATs do not pick it up. ATs will now pick up the legend. Color contrast issue for page labels. We fixed a color contrast issue in the page label display in the All notes view. "All pages" combo box lacks a label. It now has an aria-labeled by attribute and proper label. Color buttons do not indicate state. In the dialog box to add a note, users may select a color for the note. The colors (buttons) do not indicate their state (pressed/unpressed). This is now fixed – they communicate their state (and are no longer buttons). Color contrast issue on Book chapter references. Chapter labels presented in the All notes view failed the minimum color contrast required by WCAG 1.4.3. This is now fixed. "Tags" field lacking aria-described by. The "tags" filter in the All notes view was presenting too much aural information. We've now added an aria-described by attribute to reference extra information about how to use the filter. "None" button lacks label. In the filtering panel of the All notes view, users can select which students' shared notes they see. The "None" filter lacks a meaningful label. It now has one. Search field lacks labels. Added labels and other attributes to make use of radio buttons in the search experience clearer. UL (unordered list) element. Added 'role="tabllist"' to UL (unordered list). Progress indicator is not provided. When navigating a text, Engage will display a visual loading screen. There is no corresponding progress indicator for AT users. Now there is (using aria-busy). Edit note dialog. When the user chooses to edit a note, the focus is now properly set on the note. External searches. Fixed the aural text to be clearer, more precise.

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