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Following the bill-after date, Unizin will begin the invoicing process for digital course materials purchased for that section. Unizin accounts for opt-outs, title exemptions, payment waivers, and entitlements when invoicing the institution. Please see the institutional statement specifications for more information (coming soon)

In order to ensure a smooth invoicing process, student opt-outs must be submitted to Unizin no later than the section's bill-after date. If a student submits an opt-out request to an institution after the bill-after date, it is up to that institution to determine whether to accept the request and refund (or not charge) the student. If the institution accepts the request, however, the institution remains financially responsible for the digital course material(s) purchased by the student. Please note that, once the bill-after date has passed, billable enrollments are automatically recorded and refunds cannot be processed for finalized purchases.