This article assumes that the user has already selected Course sections for which to submit an order.


  1. Searching for content
  2. Submitting a content request
  3. Using the shopping cart
  4. Review and submit order

Searching for content

Search for content, select and add content to your shopping cart.


Shopping cart

Content requests

Submit a content request for content that you cannot find.


Review and submit order

Go to order review.

Information presented:

Confirm order or cancel.

Don't forget: users can also review and cancel their orders throughout the ordering period (but you cannot revise them; to place a different order for the same courses, you must cancel the order and resubmit it).







Main points to cover:

Course coordinators

  1. Identify the instructor for whom you’re ordering
  2. Select the course that instructor is assigned to teach and for which you want to order
  3. Unassigned sections of a course are grouped together – you can order for them, too
  4. Select the sections of the instructor's courses you're ordering for 
  5. You may add sections to an existing order for an instructor/course combination
  6. Continue to the content ordering workflow


  1. Identify the course you're assigned to teach for an upcoming term
  2. Select the sections for which you want to place an order
  3. Continue to the content ordering workflow