The Term View is the top-level view in Engage. Select the school term whose course materials you wish to display using the Term Selector.

From here, you may also:

  • Use the Search field in the header to search for words in all the materials and notes in all the courses in this account.
  • Choose to view course materials for a different term using the Term Selector.
  • Manage Materials for your courses (instructors only).
  • Browse and navigate to all of your Course Materials in the term. To navigate to a particular course, click the course tile.
  • Access Help or log out using items on the Right Navigation Menu.

When you navigate to a particular course document, the header contains the:

  • Home button.
  • Go To field.
  • Document Navigation menu.
  • The Search field to search course materials, notes, and on the web.
  • Bookmark button.
  • Page Options menu.

The controls allow you to:

  • Home: navigate to the Term view
  • Go To: navigate to a particular page in the document
  • Document Navigation: navigate to a particular chapter or bookmark
  • Search: search for a particular word or phrase in the document or course
  • Bookmark: set or unset a bookmark for the page
  • Page Options: zoom, see instructor notes, share a page, see all notes

Click the Document Navigation icon to display controls that allow you to navigate to particular chapters or document bookmarks. When the menu opens, the Chapters tab is selected by default. Click a particular chapter or other page marker to move to that location. To navigate to a particular bookmark, click the Bookmarks tab.