Approval process for implementing Caliper compliant tools

Critical to Unizin’s mission is to work closely with tool vendors to build into our vendor contracts a timeline for the delivery of learner and learning process data generated through a tool’s use by a member institution. These efforts are instrumental to the continued growth of learning environment data Unizin aggregates within the UDP.

In order for member institutions to be fully aware of the tools that deliver learner data to their UDP tenant, Unizin will request member data steward approval for a new tool that will be operationalized to deliver Caliper events.

Additionally, tool vendors, unfamiliar with Unizin member agreements, may look for assurance that members approve of institutional data landing in a member’s UDP via integrated tools. By formalizing our process for approval, Unizin can provide transparency around what institutional data resides in a member's UDP, and potentially convey to tool vendors that a Caliper feed to the UDP has been approved by a member data steward(s).

Currently, the following learning tools have Caliper compliant events conveyed to the UDP:

  • Canvas

  • Engage/RedShelf

  • Ex Libris Leganto

  • EZ Proxy

  • iClicker

  • Kaltura

  • Packback

  • Top Hat

  • VitalSource Bookshelf

Implementation workflow

  1. Unizin will inform institutional data stewards that a tool that is currently utilized at their institution may also convey Caliper events to their UDP tenant, and that with their permission, they will enable that tool through the vendor to deliver data to the UDP.

  2. Upon approval, the Unizin Services team will generate a token and deliver it securely to the designated tool vendor contact, or the member learning tool administration team to work with the tool vendor to enable the integration with the UDP.

  3. Once the tool integration is complete, Unizin will inform data stewards and key member stakeholders of the tools data availability.

  4. Convey approval if necessary to tool vendors.

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