Release date

February 22, 2019 at 11:00 am EDT

Key features

This release introduces a new feature to the EPUB for Engage reader called Text To Speech or (TTS) for short. 

In this release, the EPUB for Engage reader will provide a native text-to-speech experience for all users. The experience intends to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Provide students who require accommodations a more equitable, productive, and enjoyable content experience in the EPUB reader
  • Enable EPUB to serve as accessible content and reduce the burden on DSS offices to create alt-format content
  • Create greater demand for EPUB content



Engage's Text To Speech (TTS) feature includes new features & functionality. All of these features can be accessed using a set of TTS-specific hotkeys through the keyboard:
  • Text-to-speech reading
  • Element highlight: used to dictate selection(word, sentence, paragraph) of text to be read 
  • Speaking highlight: used to highlight the text (word) as it is being read
  • Page navigation
  • Pause/resume reading
  • TTS preferences toolbar, which allows the following:
    • Customize element & speaking highlight colors
    • Enable/disable continuous reading mode
    • Customize reading speed
    • TTS Shortcuts description