In addition to allowing you to read your course materials, Engage also provides collaboration tools to support group work and other social learning. As opposed to your instructor's notes, which are shared with you automatically, you can choose who can see your notes in each course material. For example, you could allow only your instructor to see your notes in the eTextbook but allow the other students in your study group to see your notes in an article.

By default, your notes are visible to the instructor, but not to anyone else in the class. You can choose to hide your notes from your instructor; however, when you use a note to  ask your instructor a question , the instructor will be able to see the note.

Customizing your Sharing Settings

Use the following steps to control your sharing settings for a course material. 
Note: These steps must be repeated for each course material you want to share.

  1. Open the course material where you want to share notes.
  2. Click the Page Options menu in the upper-right of the header.
  3. Select the Sharing item from the menu. The Share Settings dialog box appears.
  4. Set the Sharing Settings as needed.

Sharing Settings

Set the sharing settings to share notes with your instructor or classmates as you wish.

For example, to share your notes in course material for a group project you may want to leave the Hide my notes and questions from my instructors checkbox clear so your instructor can see your progress. Then select the Only these students radio button and check the classmates on the project.

Once the setting are set, click Save Settings.