Welcome to Unizin Engage, your digital course material delivery platform. Use the information in this document to get started.

What Is Engage?

Engage is an online platform that lets you:

  • Read your textbook, watch videos, and follow links to online resources that your instructor provides to your class.
  • Highlight text, bookmark pages, and take notes on the online reading materials. You can share notes among your classmates and even print them out.
  • Ask your instructor questions about the text and get answers back from your instructor.

How do I get started?

You will find a link to Engage in your Learning Management System (the system you log in to for things like turning in assignments and keeping track of your grades). Click that link and you will see a list of your courses and the materials that are available for each course. Just click the material you want to open and start reading.

What can I do when I am reading?

When you open a textbook or other reading material, most of your tools appear in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

You can also:

  • Click the arrows on the right and left sides of the page to turn the page.
  • Click and drag over text to highlight it.
  • Click a highlight to change the color, add a note, add tags, or turn the note into a question.

How do I get back to my notes later?

You can always click the highlight in the text to see the note that you wrote on it, but you can also see all of the notes for the book in one place. Click the View all notes option on the ... menu to see all the notes for that material. The Notes screen is very powerful. You can see your own notes, your instructor's notes, and your classmates' notes, if they shared them with you. You can also filter notes based on the tags and print or export the notes.

How do I ask my instructor a question?

Some instructors encourage their students to use Engage to ask them questions. Other instructors prefer to answer questions other ways. Check with your instructor before using the steps below.

When you are reading, highlight the text you want to ask a question about. Click the highlight, enter your question, and check the "Would you like to post this as a question?" box. Click the X to close the window.

The question will appear in your instructor's Engage account. When the instructor answers the question, you will see the answer within the material.

Can my instructor see what I am doing?

Your instructor cannot watch you real-time, but your instructor can get a report to see whether you have read your homework. Your instructor can also see your notes, depending on how you set the sharing permissions. Click the ... menu on a course material to set the sharing permissions. Keep in mind that your instructor can still see any notes where you click the "Would you like to post this as a question?" box, even if you set the sharing permissions to not allow instructor access to your notes.

Can I read my homework when I do not have internet access? Or on my mobile device?

You can download your reading materials to read on your computer when you are offline. See Offline Access to read more about how offline functionality works.

You can also install an app on your mobile device to read your content. See Mobile apps (iOS/Android) to read more about the mobile reader app.

In both cases, you get started by:

  1. Going to the home screen where you see all your courses.
  2. Clicking the blue circle with your initials in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click the Applications button.

What do I do if I need help with Engage?

You can check out the Troubleshooting Guide for help with common issues. If you still need help, contact your institution's help desk.