Version 1.0 of the Order Feed is deprecated in favor of Version 2.0.

Data specification

The following table describes the data specification in Order Feed 1.0. A full overview of the Order Feed and processing the data can be found here.

Column nameData typeDefinition



A unique Unizin ID for the order.



A date & time in ISO 8601.
order_updatedDatetimeA date & time in ISO 8601.
sis_section_idTextAn SIS section ID that is on the order.
sis_content_idTextThis is only applicable for IU. In many cases, the value will be `"null"`.
is_deletedBooleanIf "true," the Order to which the content-section pair belongs has been deleted.
authorTextThe authors of a content item that is on the order. If multiple authors are present, they are separated by a semicolon.
titleTextThe title of a content item that is on the order.
searchable_isbnTextThe best ISBN students can use to search for and find the title on the web.
publication_dateDateThe publication date of the title, if available from the publisher. This is a date in ISO 8601 (note: it is only a date object).


TextThe name of the reader used to deliver the solution. Values will be either "Unizin Engage" or "Publisher DLT".
sis_publisher_idTextThis is only applicable for IU. In many cases, it will be `"null"`.
publisher_nameTextThe name of the content item’s publisher.
editionTextThe edition of the content item.
offer_priceNumberThe offer price for the content item and the exact price that Unizin will charge institutions for the content. (this includes any Unizin markups or platform fees).
print_list_priceNumberThe print list price for the content item (this is the nominal price of the content item. Offer prices are generally calculated as a function of the print list price).

This is a boolean value corresponding to whether or not the person who ordered the content item for this section asserted that they may earn royalties.

Note: this is an order level assertion but we'll present it as if for each content item, anyway. In short, it should not be assumed that if this value is true, it is because the user ordering the content stands to early royalties from this particular content items.