Release date

May 10 at 1:00 pm EDT

Key features

This release includes a bug fixes, import improvements,  and validation improvements. This release is a small patch intended to fix a few issues observed in early member implementations.


  •  Fixes defects introduced by version 1.2.2 (migration errors) and 1.2.3 (import) that caused a 500 error returned by the client
  • A Term's start date and end dates are now updated during an import
  • A User's first name and last name are now updated during an import
  • When institutions remove sections and teaching assignments from their feeds, Order Tool soft deletes those records (so they can be used for posterity; this takes advantage of our Order history feature)
  • Fixed a bug where instructors who were also students but not coordinators were getting an error on loading
  • Fixed import bug preventing the application of the above fixes