Release date

April 11, 2019 at 6:15 pm EDT

Key features

This release introduces various updates to the user interface for both placing and reviewing orders to create a more branded digital content experience for institutions.


Button widget updates:
  • Applied institutions' custom colors more widely throughout the user interface.
Header updates:
  • Redesigned the Order Tool header menu options (e.g. Courses, Order History, and Help) and changed their locations.
  • Removed Breadcrumbs navigation.
Filter updates:
  • Redesigned the Courses and Order History page filters and changed their locations.
  • Created a new "Instructor Name" filter to the Courses and Order History pages to enable users to surface course offerings or orders associated with particular instructors.
Catalog search updates:
  • Redesigned the offer catalog search experience to include:
    • Content type (eText and DLT) icons to identify catalog items.
    • Filters to narrow search results by "Publisher" and/or "Material Type."
    • A checkout button in the top right portion of the header, which indicates the number of catalog items included in an order.
      Note: The right-hand checkout panel, which previously displayed the catalog items included in an order and a checkout button, has been removed from the UI. This interaction has been replaced with the checkout button.
Footer updates:
  • Enabled the footer to represent customizable text.
  • Removed the "Need Help?" link from the footer.