This section of the documentation describes all information required to implement the Unizin Order Tool at your institution. If you wish to begin an implementation, please submit an implementation request to Unizin Services to start implementing the Unizin Order Tool.

There are three main dimensions of an implementation:

  • SIS Data Integration. The Unizin Order Tool requires a data integration with your Student Information System (SIS).

  • SSO integration. The Unizin Order Tool authenticates and authorizes users via your Institution's Single Sign-on implementation.

  • UI customizations. Customize the look and feel of the Unizin Order Tool.

The Order Tool produces two reports once implemented:

  • Order Feed. The Order Tool has automated reporting processes. Most are designed for institutions to consume data to further run business processes related to content ordering.

  • Publisher report. During open Ordering periods, Unizin provides Publishers with a report describing where their content has been adopted.