Institutions may customize the messaging presented to Coordinators, Instructors, and Course Coordinators in the Unizin Order Tool. The customizations are available as institution-wide configurations. They may not be applied at the campus level, for example.

Customizations are useful because the business practices for eText and digital content ordering at your institution may vary. In some cases, you may wish to direct users to local institutional resources if they need support.

Tool branding and logo

The Unizin Order Tool can be lightly branded by your institution. Three particular variables can be set:

  • Tool name. The "Unizin Order Tool" app name may be replaced with your local app name branding of the tool.
  • Tool logo. The logo presented at the top-left of the Order Tool may be replaced with a custom image.
  • Tool footer. The text in the footer of the Unizin Order Tool can be customized to your content (note: Institutions may want to provide links to privacy policies or end-user license agreements from the footer). See the customizable footer section below for more details.

Image resolution

  • Minimum: 72px
  • Suggested width: 200px
  • Suggested height: 42px
  • It is recommended that your logo have a transparent background

How is the Tool logo used?

  • The logo is not resized.
  • The logo is never cropped.

  • The logo will not appear smaller in certain views.

  • The logo will always appear in a horizontal configuration.

  • The logo will always appear on a white background.

  • File delivery type must be png.

Access denied

Users access the Unizin Order Tool through your Institution's Identity Provider. If their access is denied, you may customize the text they're presented. It is common, for example, to guide users who think their access is denied in error to local support.

No teaching assignments available

Instructors who access the Unizin Order Tool during a valid ordering period but who do not have any teaching assignments are presented a custom message. You may customize the message presented to instructors to, for example, guiding them local support if they think the absence of teaching assignments is in error.

No coordinator courses available

Course coordinators who access the Unizin Order Tool during a valid ordering period but who do not have any available courses for which they can order are presented a custom message. Frequently, improperly-set permissions are the reason course coordinators cannot see their courses.

Declare earning royalties

Optionally, you may require users ordering content to assert they stand to earn royalties from the sale of the content they order. This information is reported in the Order Tool's "Order feed" back to institutions, enabling their businesses processes to act on user assertions that they can earn royalties.

Consent to legal terms

Institutions may customize the terms and conditions that users consent to before confirming an order. Institutions may customize the terms presented to the user and the checkbox label that a user selects to assert they consent to the terms.

Email order confirmation message 

After a user submits an order, they will be redirected back to the Courses view and receive a notification in the UI about the submission success. Users also receive an email-based order confirmation message. Institutions may customize the email-based order confirmation message text that is presented to users.

Custom color branding

Institutions may provide a custom color, which will be represented in the email-based notifications and various buttons throughout the Order Tool user interface.

In the email-based notifications:

An institution's "Tool name" and custom color will be visible in the email notification header text. The custom color is also visible in the "View Order" button at the bottom of the email-based notifications.

In the user interface:

Throughout the Order Tool user interface, there are various spaces that display an institution's custom color.

Customizable footer

Footer space is available for customization. In the footer, an institution may customize the text and/or display a url. The customizable footer space can be used to capture any of the following: a url to your institution's privacy policy, a url to your Help Desk contact information, a url to Unizin's Order Tool knowledge base documentation, or perhaps a url where information about your eTexts Order Tool program is available. Note: Html, custom font colors, and url custom colors are not supported in the footer. Unizin's color choices adhere to the WCAG AA standard for CCR.

Student choice policy for your institution

An institution may define and configure its student choice policy in Order Tool by working with Unizin's Services team to assert your updates. An institution's policy is expressed in Order Tool via data configurations (provided through your SIS data feed) and UI customizations for the student experience. Based on an institution's student choice policy as configured in Order Tool, students may opt-in or opt-out of their digital course materials on a title-by-title basis.

Institutions may also customize the footer that appears in the email confirmations to students when they assert a student choice on a course material.