Release date

August 30, 2018 at 2:15 pm EDT

Key features

This release introduces UI changes that make the EPUB experience more user friendly, new touch based interactions for mobile and tablet devices, and a few defect fixes.


 EPUB experience

  • Fixes an issue where 100px of dead space are padded below the EPUB reader in the Engage window.
  • UI changes direct users attempting to upload an EPUB to work through Unizin Services to deliver that content in Engage to their students.


Touch-based interactions

  • New touch based interactions. We have redesigned Engage's touch interactions for mobile and tablet devices. Engage now uses more modern libraries and has improved performance.


Miscellaneous fixes

  • Notifications can now be dismissed by the user (rather than just waiting for them to disappear).
  • Fixes issue in All notes view where question counts may be inaccurate
  • IE 11 user interface fixes: user menu, upload experience