There exist a common set of user interface elements across the Unizin Order Tool. 

Header menu

The Header is always presented in Order Tool and provides access to the Navigation menu, the Help page, and the User menu

Navigation menu

The Navigation menu enables users to switch between Order Tool's main features:

Navigation menu control:

Expanded Navigation menu options

Instructor and Coordinator view:

Program Administrator view:

Help page

The Help page displays a page within the Order Tool application, which describes general information about ordering periods and who uses the Order Tool.

Help page:

User menu

The user menu describes the highest level of application permissions for the user. For example, if a user is both a Program Administrator and a Student then the user menu will read "Program Administrator" (see the example below). 

In addition to describing application permissions, users may also update their Gravatars and logout from the user menu.


The footer is customized by an institution and may provide links to end-user documentation or other institution-specific pages.