The UDP's data marts provide smaller datasets intended to serve particular domains of use-cases. The UDP data marts are the preferred method of consuming data, since they are more purposed to reporting and analytics use-cases at an institution.

  1. File Interaction
  2. Last Activity
  3. Course Status
  4. LTI Tool Use
  5. LMS Tool Use

The Taskforce Datamart documentation also live in this space.

  • Taskforce Mart Level 1 - student activity counts per course, per week
    • Level 1 Aggregated
  • Taskforce Mart Level 2 - average student activity per course, per week. Per-student Z-scores
    • Level 2 Aggregated
    • Level 2 Course Weekly Distribution Summary
  • Taskforce Profiles - helpful metadata about courses and students
    • Student Term Profile
    • Course Profile

The level 3 Taskforce marts are currently in development, and the corresponding documentation will live alongside these pages here.

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